Crystal Magic for January: Amethyst

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Inspired by the goddess Danu who brings wisdom and stillness at the Winter Solstice, this cloak is made from a silky dupion fabric with a wonderful lilac lining.
Luxury ‘Danu’ silk dupion cloak – ready to wear and available in our shop

Properties of amethyst:

  • enhances spiritual connection

  • opens third eye chakra

  • alleviates headaches

  • aids cleansing & detoxing

Amethyst Heart

Amethyst is a truly multipurpose and essential crystal.

Due to its wonderful lilac/purple colour, it helps to elevate our thoughts to more spiritual matters.

On the physical plane, it helps with headaches. Amethyst is also cleansing and detoxifying.

Inexpensive and beautiful, an amethyst tumblestone should be carried at all times.