Look What We Made: Imbolc Wedding Cloaks

Complementary green handfasting cloaks for bride and groom

I was so pleased with how these wedding cloaks turned out, and the bride and groom were over the moon when they saw them!

The happy couple showing off their cloaks in front of Glastonbury Tor
The happy couple modelling their cloaks in front of Glastonbury Tor

The consultation

Amelie and Matt came to see me at my studio in Glastonbury as they’d heard that they could get a pair of handmade cloaks tailored to their wishes. Together we came up with designs that were complementary but not matching. The resulting cloaks can be enjoyed by the couple on their happy day and for many years to come.

Amelie and Matt in their cloaks at Glastonbury Tor
Imbolc Blessings to you both for a wonderful life together.

Bridal cloak

Amelie explained that she and Matt were getting married in a couple of months’ time in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and that they would be wearing green for Imbolc. Amelie was also wearing green when she came to the consultation – she told me it was her favourite colour!

I had bought some luxury velvet a few months back, on a whim as I just loved the colour: a light spring green, often known chartreuse.

A green velvet cloak is perfect for Imbolc, which is one of my favourite times of year. As soon as I showed Amelie the fabric, she instantly loved it and chose a silver satin lining and luxury silver faux fur as a trim around the hood.

The handfasting couple wearing their cloaks
Amelie and Matt’s cloaks can be worn again and again for a lifetime of enjoyment

Groom’s cloak

Matthew was not as sure about what he would like – as is often the case with the groom!

I suggested an unlined, dark green wool cloak with a trim of the same Imbolc-green velvet around the hood, to complement Amelie’s cloak without being too similar.

I also suggested that we line just the hood for a smarter look. It was for their wedding, after all!

This simple design means that Matt can wear his cloak again. It is made from a durable wool that is hard-wearing, warm and reasonably waterproof. A shorter length – just below the knee but not to the floor – makes it dashing but also practical.

A couple of oak leaves appliquéd at the clasp make the cloak extra special.

Imbolc cloaks on the tailor's dummy at the Avalon Cloaks studio
The Imbolc cloaks on the tailor’s dummies at the Avalon Cloaks studio

The results

The cloaks looked great together when I put them on the tailor’s dummy in the artisan studio at the Red Brick Building. I couldn’t wait to see them on!

Amelie and Matt kindly agreed to let me take some photos of them wearing the cloaks, and here are the results.

Imbolc Blessings to you both for a wonderful life together. I hope you have many years of enjoyment wearing your cloaks.

Merry meet
Suzi xx
Merry meet
We hope you have many years of enjoyment wearing your cloaks! Blessed be.

Our Guide to Yule Magic

Wednesday 21st December 2016

We hope you enjoy our handy visual guide to Yule magic. Please feel free to share!

Yule Infographic from Avalon Cloaks

  1. Deity: Odin

    Associated with wisdom, knowledge, battle, sorcery, the runes, and Yule. Also known as Wish-Giver, Odin is honoured at Yule with gifts of food for which he is apt to bestow a gift of his own.

  2. Affirmation: Gratitude

    “I am the light that dawns at the edge of the world. I am the silent seed that sleeps in the soil. I hold within me the potential of all that I may yet be. I am the Winter’s dream. I am the sun reborn. I am the spirit of light set free. Blessed Be.” Reproduced with kind permission by Amy Riddle, CC of On a Journey Back to Her Wings.

  3. Crystal: Garnet

    Use garnet for courage and protection, to stay positive and to persevere, even through tough times. Garnet strengthens family bonds and promotes love and friendship. Wear it when spending time with loved ones this Yule.

  4. Ritual: Give & Receive

    It’s gift-giving season and you’ll likely be doing plenty of that. But how are you at receiving? Be mindful about how you receive what the universe is trying to give you this Yule. Sometimes unseen forces are at work behind our friends’ kind offers of help, the gifts that we’re given, or even money we may receive unexpectedly. Be open to the good things coming your way and accept them graciously, with thanks.

  5. Cloak: Winter Queen Velvet Cloak with Fur Trim

    One of our favourites from last year, the Winter Queen velvet cloak in blue with silvery lining and faux fur trim evokes the clear blue skies of a crisp winter’s day.

Samhain: Season of the Witch

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Samhain altar with candles, pumpkins and bones

This year Samhain – the Witches’ New Year – falls right after a new moon, making it the perfect time for a fresh start.

Samhain is all about endings, death, honouring where we have been and where we came from – all necessary if we’re to move forward with grace and purpose.

Samhain timeline

  • Sunday 30th October 2016 – new moon in Scorpio

  • Monday 31st October 2016 at sunset – Samhain Eve

  • Tuesday 1st October 2016 at sunset – Samhain ends

Samhain is my favourite time of year. Scorpio – the sign of mystery, the arcane, darkness and occult pursuits – is in charge. Don’t forget, if it’s your birthday around now, it’s also your own personal new year, making this an extra powerful time for you.

We all embrace the dark side at this time – even muggles are no exception! By dressing up, we embody our fears or secret desires. We celebrate death. Even watching a scary movie is a way to confront fear and acknowledge its place in our lives.

Samhain magic

Astrologically, this Samhain is a great time for psychic and intuitive work.

‘The Sun involved with a trine to Neptune ensures more accurate psychic impressions, lucid dreaming, and clear vision into the future for making plans.’

I love reassessing at Samhain. Making New Year’s resolutions on January 1st, for me, is a bit like starting a diet on a Monday morning. It never works – and, it’s not sustainable or attainable. Instead, I choose to let go of what isn’t serving me now, to dream a new way of being and plant the right seeds for the year to come.

May all your seeds bear fruit.

Bright blessings,
Suzi xx


Astrology King. (2016). New Moon 30 October 2016 Dreamtime – Astrology King. [Accessed 27 Oct. 2016].

Summer Solstice Inforgraphic

Infographic: moving forward at the Summer Solstice.

The Summer Solstice falls on Monday, June 20th 2016

Remember the end of last year, when you wondered what the year to come would bring?

We’re about halfway around the wheel now…

6 months in.

Time to evaluate

What has been great? What hasn’t been great?

Are there things you now need to release… goals, emotions or ideas that no longer seem relevant?

Time to release

This is the perfect time for banishments, for letting go and releasing anything that no longer serves you. As the sun declines, so the unnecessary will be released from your life.

Cancer and the Chariot

The sun always enters the sign of Cancer at the June Solstice.

Cancer’s energy lends itself to new beginnings, fresh starts and the early stages of a project.

The Chariot Tarot card is ruled by Cancer, and represents our ability to unify opposing parts of ourselves and move forward with confidence – this is represented by the black and white horses (sometimes sphinxes) that pull the chariot. The Charioteer is master of these seemingly opposing forces; he uses them to his advantage.

So throw your baggage overboard, grab the reins, and charge into the dark half of the year!

Bright Blessings,
Suzi xx