Introducing the Imbolc Cloak!

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Imbolc Cloak with LiningBridget is one of my favourite Goddesses; she has helped me many times in my life with her healing and inspiration, and I wanted to make a cloak that would honour her.

This cloak has been a year in the making. I bought the fabric immediately when I saw it, just over a year ago. I just loved the pale green colour, how the fabric felt so divine and had a very slight sheen, and that it was a silk/linen mix, which means it drapes beautifully.

The Imbolc cloak – one year in the making!

I really wanted to make the cloak last year, in the energies of Imbolc and its promise of new beginings, but I was just too busy with other sewing projects. So although I cut out the fabric then, only now has it all been sewn together.

White fur around the hood was a must-have – to represent the snow that can still be on the ground at this time of year. The addition of the trim of pale green, earthy colours and silver sequins just seemed to finish it off nicely. To me they represent new shoots, bare earth and frost.

Finishing touches…

The Imbolc cloak is not completely finished yet. I still want to add some appliquéd snowdrops around the lower hem and maybe some swans’ wings (Bridget’s totem) on the back, but once again, I am too busy with orders so I will have to wait patiently.

In a way, I like the idea of this cloak being a blank canvas as we come into its season. I plan to journey with Bridget at Imbolc (this coming Tuesday, 2nd February) and ask her what images she would like to be sewn into her very special cloak. I will then set about finishing this project after I have blessed the space, lit my candle and incense and asked Bridget to be with me whilst I sew.

Bright blessings,
Suzi xx
29th Jan 2016