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“Blokes’ Cloaks” Available To Order

Chaps: can’t find what you’re looking for?

Let us make you your ideal cloak or robe! Our high quality, handcrafted cloaks, capes and robes are made to last. We combine durable, quality fabrics with expert design and careful crafting to create a garment that will fit you perfectly.  Choose from pure wool, linen, cotton, fleece, velvet, or other quality fabrics.


‘They do the biz for sure.’ Kevin Groves 

‘I wanted a cloak for life, that will journey with me through the forest, and this cloak is it. Suzi’s work is exceptional; you will not find better. /|\ ‘ Stephen Barnes 

‘The cloak is fantastic! It looks amazing and is wonderfully warm! Thank you so much for making me such a fantastic garment and for getting it to me by Halloween!’ Sany Farajalla

Each cloak is made to an exceptionally high standard by our experienced seamstresses and tailoresses.


A fleecy lined, wool cloak made to measure to your height and size will be £325, or for unlined wool, around £159.  For cotton drill £125 unlined, and £225 lined.  Please contact us for a Quote. Extra appliqué and embroidery will be charged at £15/hr.

Avalon Cloaks is based in Glastonbury, UK and we pride ourselves on providing ‘Quality Cloaks for Magical Folks’

Remember, we can create your ideal cloak in the colours, length, size and design for you. See our tailor made section for details.

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