Our Guide to Yule Magic

Wednesday 21st December 2016

We hope you enjoy our handy visual guide to Yule magic. Please feel free to share!

Yule Infographic from Avalon Cloaks

  1. Deity: Odin

    Associated with wisdom, knowledge, battle, sorcery, the runes, and Yule. Also known as Wish-Giver, Odin is honoured at Yule with gifts of food for which he is apt to bestow a gift of his own.

  2. Affirmation: Gratitude

    “I am the light that dawns at the edge of the world. I am the silent seed that sleeps in the soil. I hold within me the potential of all that I may yet be. I am the Winter’s dream. I am the sun reborn. I am the spirit of light set free. Blessed Be.” Reproduced with kind permission by Amy Riddle, CC of On a Journey Back to Her Wings.

  3. Crystal: Garnet

    Use garnet for courage and protection, to stay positive and to persevere, even through tough times. Garnet strengthens family bonds and promotes love and friendship. Wear it when spending time with loved ones this Yule.

  4. Ritual: Give & Receive

    It’s gift-giving season and you’ll likely be doing plenty of that. But how are you at receiving? Be mindful about how you receive what the universe is trying to give you this Yule. Sometimes unseen forces are at work behind our friends’ kind offers of help, the gifts that we’re given, or even money we may receive unexpectedly. Be open to the good things coming your way and accept them graciously, with thanks.

  5. Cloak: Winter Queen Velvet Cloak with Fur Trim

    One of our favourites from last year, the Winter Queen velvet cloak in blue with silvery lining and faux fur trim evokes the clear blue skies of a crisp winter’s day.