Janus: Roman God of Beginings and Endings

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New beginnings blog post from Avalon CloaksJanus is most famous as the ‘two-faced God’. He looks forwards and back, into the past and the future. The month of January draws its name from him.

In his earliest depictions, he was shown with two faces joined at the back of the head, looking in opposite directions. One was a bare and the other bearded, symbolizing both youth and age. This embodies a typical pagan viewpoint; every end is also a new beginning.

We live our lives in a spiral, rather than in a straight line: birth, growth, maturity, wisdom, death and then rebirth.

As the god of transitions and transformations, he can help us with our choices about which path to take going forwards. Write a list of all those things you want to release from your life and ask Janus to send them away as you burn the list. Then write a list of all the good things you would like to attract into your life this year and ask Janus to help bring them to you. Leave your list on your altar with a note to Janus: “Please Janus help me to…”

Someone once told me that the future is behind us (we can’t see it) and the past is in front of us. I have found this a good way of thinking of approaching the future, and how to make decisions, when we can’t really see where we are going!

After you have made a decision, back yourself up, stick to it and remember to walk forwards ‘in perfect love and perfect trust’. The Lord and Lady will surely support you in your decisions.

(With thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for her information on Janus.)