Look What We Made: Simon’s Cloak

Men’s cloak for outdoor ceremonies

Simon wanted a super warm cloak for year-round outdoor ceremonies, so we set about creating his dream bespoke cloak together.

We suggested that the outer be made from pure wool, as it is very warm and reasonably waterproof due to the high lanolin content within the wool. We teamed the outer wool cloak with a polar fleece lining to cut out any wind chill and make it perfect for outdoor workings.

Simon chose a forest green colour for his wool, which we matched with the fleecy lining – a great colour choice for a druid cloak! The rich forest green of the fabrics, and its purpose – outdoor ceremonies – gave the Druid Forest Cloak its name. It’s a simple hooded cloak with few embellishments, except for a leaf-shaped fastening and Simon’s clan badge, which he already had and simply needed us to sew on for him.

We suggested our standard hood because it’s roomy, but not too big. It is weighty enough to sit on the head without falling off or getting blown away – great for minimising distractions during outdoor ceremonies!

The Druid Forest Cloak was commissioned and completed between January and February 2016, and Simon wore it for the first time at the Beltane ritual during the Naked Man festival in the New Forest. Since then, he has worn it around the wheel of the year for many outdoor events including the Winter Solstice ceremony at Stonehenge.

Simon’s Testimonial:

‘My cloak had a good test this year at Stonehenge. It has to be one of the best investments I’ve made this year as it kept me as warm as toast throughout the whole event. I also had several people commenting on how great it looked. Many thanks to Suzi Dale and her team.

Many thanks to Simon for letting us use his words and photos in our post.

At Avalon Cloaks, we’re specialist cloak makers with oodles of experience in supplying clothing for occasions, ceremonies, rituals and handfastings. We also do a good line in men’s capes and cloaks that are simple but beautiful. Contact us today to bring your custom cloak idea to life!

Bright Blessings,
Suzi and the Avalon Cloaks team xx