Avalon Cloaks was founded in 2014 by Suzi Broughton-Dale.
Avalon Cloaks was founded in 2014 by Suzi Broughton-Dale.
Cerridwen Luxury Cloak in Black velvet.
Sewing superstar Ellie wearing one of Irene’s stunning cloak designs


Suzi realised that good-quality capes, cloaks and ceremonial clothing were hard to find, so she decided to use her passion for textiles and her experience as a priestess to form a Glastonbury-based cloak company.

The team

In the beginning, Suzi brought an experienced tailor on board to help create the signature Avalon Cloaks patterns. Together, they developed an exceptional standard of cloak-making which Suzi believes is unsurpassed on the market. Since then, Ellie and Irene have joined the sewing team.

Suzi makes many of the cloaks herself, and oversees the quality and artistry of each and every garment that passes through the Avalon Cloaks studio.

About Suzi

Suzi Broughton-Dale, designer, cloak-maker and pagan priestess.

In her own words:

“I always felt ‘different’, and when I was in my early twenties I realised what that meant. I was a witch! At the time it felt scary finding out, and I kept it hidden for a long time.

I dedicated to the magical path over thirty years ago, and since that time I have celebrated the turning of the Wheel by being part of and running seasonal ceremonies, outdoors.

I moved to Glastonbury after completing the Priestess of Avalon training. I have always loved textiles and have combined this with my love of being a pagan priestess to form Avalon Cloaks.

My first cloak was made for me by my High Priestess, who deliberately left the hem and front seams for me to hand-sew, so that I could put my thoughts, wishes, hopes and dreams into the garment with every stitch. This was my introduction to the power of craft in magic.

I dedicated to the magical path in 1997 in a wonderful ceremony at Samhain – a dark, misty autumn night. That’s when I wore the cloak for the first time.

It was an amazing experience, one that the cloak helped to heighten. The cloak kept me warm, allowing me to focus on the ceremony, rather than being distracted by the cold and wondering about when it was going to end! The cloak also helped me to feel protected, with its fabulous, warm fabric enclosing me from head to feet.

The cloak is a deep navy blue, and it blended easily into the shadowy gloom. I became less identifiable, becoming part of the surroundings and the earth itself.

I still wear that cloak.”