Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us make you your ideal cloak or robe. Our high-quality, handmade cloaks, capes and robes are made to last. We combine durable fabrics with expert design and careful crafting to create a garment that will fit you perfectly.



“Thank you so much for my robes, they are perfect! You have made our Gorsedd very special and I’ve had many comments on the quality of your work.”


“The cloak has been performing amazingly well. Kept me nice and toasty at Dolmen Camp in the cold and rain… Avebury was nippy and windy. Last night on the beach I was the only one warm – didn’t feel the wind at all. Thank you!”

Ordering info

We are happy to discuss your ideas by by phone or email. Or why not complete an order form? Completed order forms can be sent back to us by post or email.