1. Check the fabric

When choosing a cloak or cape for a special occasion, look at the quality of the fabric. It should be a natural fibre or a decent blend, not a synthetic material that loses its shape and texture over time. Look for natural fibres such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, hemp, cashmere and bamboo.

2. Look for proper tailoring

Check the quality of the stitching. Whilst it’s true that nobody is likely to look too closely at the seams of your cloak, superior sewing will show in the way your cloak hangs. Check for puckering – this is a tell-tale sign that a cloak has been stitched carelessly. The way a cloak is lined affects the swing. Edge-to-edge linings are common – this is when the lining and the outer fabric of a cloak or cape are stitched together at the edge of the garment. Because different fabrics are different weights, edge-to-edge linings can cause problems in the way the cloak hangs on the wearer.

3. Consider the environment

Our cloaks are intended to be worn and enjoyed for years to come – not to be disposable like so much modern clothing. We also use recycled and vintage fabrics in some of our designs.

4. Quality always shows

Our cloaks and capes are hand-crafted in the UK by a small, dedicated team. The beauty and quality of an Avalon Cloak shows – and elevates everything else you’re wearing, too.