Your Chaff and the Goddess

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And so the wheel turns and we move into shorter days and darker nights. At Autumn Equinox, also known as Mabon, Mother Earth is preparing to sleep and we can feel the need inside ourselves to withdraw and reflect.


Banbha. Autumn Equinox Goddess
Banbha. Autumn Equinox Goddess


At this time of equal balance; the dusk of the year, before we descend into the dark of winter it is useful to pause for a moment to reflect and ask ourselves the following:


  • What has been our ‘harvest’ this year? We have we achieved and what has come to us, by way of not only physical objects and people but also inner feelings of confidence in a new area perhaps.


  • What have we let go of or what do we need to let go of? The chaff? If we hold onto the old for too long we stop the flow of abundance from the Universe coming to us. We literally have no space for the new.


  • Is there anything we can nurture within ourselves during the dark months of winter? Developing a new skill perhaps?


In the Avalon tradition Autumn Equinox is the time of Earth and the Goddess is the wise woman, with maturity and confidence, before becoming the crone of winter. Listen to her guidance as she whispers the way forward for you.  Thanks to Caroline Gully Lir for her beautiful painting of ‘Banbha’, the Autumn Goddess.